Supervision is provided by Ph.D. and Psy.D. licensed clinical psychologists.  On certain rotations non-licensed psychologists (under the supervision of the Director of Training or the Director of Psychology) may provide co-supervision. This only occurs when psychologists have established themselves on a particular unit and has gained significant experience in that setting.  To the extent permitted by risk management and consented to by patients, we require interns to audio/videotape their outpatient therapy cases for utilization in therapy supervision.  Theoretical orientations of psychology faculty include psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, integrative, and family systems perspectives.  The breadth of orientations among our clinical staff is an important aspect of intern supervision.  We also believe that interns’ learning is fostered through the emphasis that our staff psychologists place on their own continuing education.  The supervisory staff participates in regular supervisor meetings to help maximize intern potential for learning.  Ongoing training and participation in professional organizations are encouraged for our faculty.  Thus, interns have role models who are willing to learn new techniques and be at the forefront of clinical, research and professional developments in psychology.

On a weekly basis interns receive at a minimum:

• Approximately 2-3 hours of supervision for outpatient psychotherapy.
• 1 hour of individual supervision by the clinical rotation supervisor.
• Supervision for each testing case that is assigned.
• Regular individual and group supervision with the Director of Training.

Administrative Assistance

As of July, 2018, the program has a full-time program coordinator. The program coordinators are available to assist with intern scheduling, maintenance of records and documentation, and other administrative duties.